5 more from 2014

Five more excellent albums from the past year...

Maya Jane Coles - Comfort: Okay, this is actually from 2013 but so what? I've probably played it more than anything else this year. Coles is a popular UK producer and DJ but this is her first solo disc, and it's gorgeous. Smooth and mellow grooves with a hint of darkness. Every track is excellent. Guests include Tricky and Miss Kittin.

Röyksopp - The Inevitable End: Allegedly the Norwegian duo's final album, it's also one of their best, with standout songs featuring the always dependable Robyn and surprise guest Jamie (from the Irrepressibles).

Temples - Sun Structures: Catchy tunes and fuzzed-out guitar make this a glorious flashback of old-school psychedelia. A must for those so inclined.

Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams: If Nick Cave did a soundtrack for a David Lynch film, it might sound something like this. The song below only hints at what this twisted album has to offer.

Vaults - Vultures E.P.: Though technically not an album, combine it with their previous releases and you've got a fabulous collection of pure pop that falls somewhere between Bel Canto and Roisin Murphy.

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