book of days

An ambitious project by artistic visionary Meredith Monk, Book of Days was originally released in 1988. Set in a plague-ridden medieval village but filmed during the height of the AIDS crisis in New York, it draws parallels between the two, revealing human nature to be ever the same. The film is stunningly shot in black and white (with the occasional spash of color), more a series of tableaux than actual scenes. Short on dialogue and plot, it highlights the experimental theatre, music, and movement that Monk is famed for. Momentum is meditative but builds to a stirring finale.

The soundtrack album is on the esteemed ECM label. It's primarily vocal, as strange and beautiful as the film it accompanies, and highly recommended.


  1. That was amazing friend, thank you for pointing it at. Monk's film is how I want to paint...

    1. So glad you liked it! Monk and her film were hugely inspirational to me at a crucial juncture in my life.