the cockettes

A wildly entertaining documentary, The Cockettes (2002) tells the tale of acid-fueled, fabulous freaks who turned their rejection of and by the mainstream into a celebration. Based in San Francisco during the 1960s and '70s, this rag-tag melange of hippies and homos thrived on challenging societal norms and gender roles, but more than that, they were devoted to having a good time. Sequins and hedonism were the order of the day. The film is chock-full of archival footage as well as interviews with surviving members, who, quite happily, are still marching to the beat of their own crazy drummers. Engrossing, hysterical, at times rather touching, and completely inspiring, The Cockettes is a must-see for anyone interested in sixties counter-culture, gay history, non-conformity, and the joy of letting one's freak flag fly.

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  1. And, lo! They begat Sylvester. A legend was born.

    [And what wouldn't I have given to experience Divine with the Cockettes, singing "A Crab On Your Anus Means You're Loved" while dressed as a big red lobster...]