eisenstein in guanajuato

Films by Peter Greenaway are their own unique animal, neither fish nor fowl but some strange hybrid. As such, it seems a mistaken endeavor to judge them by the usual cinematic standards. Either one likes Greenaway's work or doesn't. Character development, plot, emotional resonance...none of these things seem of much interest to the auteur. Instead we are left with a dreamlike dissemination of information, often obscure and all but intangible, in his own peculiar language. That language involves gorgeous, mannered visuals, with more than a dash of darkness and depravity. It's all a matter of degree. Eisenstein In Guanajuato (2015), then, is all of the above, with a decidedly Mexican feel due to its locale. That locale is a major part of what story there is, and keeps things from feeling too claustrophobic and set-bound. It also lends a touch of Jodorowsky to the proceedings, as if things needed to be any more surreal. More than that I will not say, except that as a Greenaway fan I absolutely enjoyed it.


  1. The Guardian did a very good write-up about it and about Russia's supposed offence at Greenaway's depiction of their national "hero". Jx

    1. There is some rather explicit man-on-man action so it's not surprising. Excellent article, thanks for sharing it!

  2. i read about this, hope i can see it!