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  1. "I am Groot!"

    Good to have your excellent artistic eye back, Mr Thom... Jx

  2. Reminds me of home - we have a similiar patch of woods on the way there.

    Great to see you again!

  3. Hello, friends! Thanks for stopping by! Am slowly re-entering this bloggy world. More to come!

  4. Thom, I'm trying to find a short film (or a pair of them) that was either posted on one of your blogs or on Coilhouse and ... googling is not giving any results because I have no name, just a general recollection of what the film(s) were like.

    It was something about form and content - form without content is meaningless, content without form is, too.

    One was all white, the other all black.

    I think the one that was like "content without form is meaningless/cannot exist/something something" had a nanny doing something, but then the child starts crying in the cradle near her. She goes to see it, but the cradle is empty yet the cries are definitely coming from it (and then we see the message).

    The other was with a child bounding a ball; we see it from behind, but when we slowly turn to the front we see that there is no face, just skin (and then we see the message).

    Did you post something like that?
    Do you remember what it was?

    I might not even have the right keywords (although I'm pretty sure about "form") and I might have some things mixed in my memory, so...

    1. Hi, Ana! I'm afraid I am drawing a blank as far as the video is concerned. You might try searching for "form is void", which has been a longtime phrase with me, I'm sure I posted it at some point. I believe it's from the Diamond Sutra.

      Sorry I can't be more helpful. Good luck, and happy new year!

    2. It must have been Coilhouse then - thanks!